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Sanctuary Retreats Broadens Family Experience

Sanctuary Retreats offers a wide range of options for families looking to expand their childrens horizons in luxurious settings.

Sanctuary Olonana, Kenya, provides unique opportunities to children of all ages to learn how to identify animal prints and develop new skills including making bows and arrows.

At Children's Retreat, Botswana, designed exclusively for kids over six, guides will train these special guests on how to identify wildlife by droppings.

At Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero, the children will make their own pizza with the help of the lodge's chef whilst parents can relax in the luxurious split-level pool.

In addition, Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma have treehouses, two family houses and private vehicles, that combine family quality time and luxury.

Parents can take advantage of a sundowner cruise whilst children listen to tales of African explorers round a camp-fire.