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Ba’theli Lounge & Restaurant Ba’theli Lounge & Restaurant

Milaidhoo Island Maldives Opened Ba’theli

Recently inaugurated Ba'theli, based in Milaidhoo Island Maldives, has been hailed as the first restaurant inspired by traditional local cuisine and heritage.

Translated as the name of a traditional wooden sailing boat, the venue has been built in the shape of three boats.

One boat serves as the restaurant, the second is the bar-lounge and the third is the kitchen.

The story of Ba'theli boats goes back 5,000 years when the Maldives became an important trading port.

The menu features classic Maldivian dishes, blending local herbs and spices, including a selection of regional specialties such as beef curry from the north and chicken curry from the far south.

Cooking techniques and flavours have also been adopted from around the Indian Ocean.

Although Ba'theli is considered to be a fine-dining restaurant, it encourages guests to come barefoot.