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Kastawey Smash Kastawey Smash

Innovative Coctails at Newly-Opened Kastawey Beach Bar

To celebrate the grand opening of Kastawey beach bar at Four Seasons Resort Nevis, Max Loayza, director, food and beverage, Kastawey, combined a blend of light, dark, gold and coconut rum with fresh pineapple and tamarind juice to create a sweet tasting and newly-renowned rum punch called the Kastawey Smash.

Commenting on this innovation, Loayza, said, “The Kastawey Smash has become a very popular drink due to its unique flavours and magical powers to help put everyone in a relaxing Caribbean mood.”

The bar also boasts signature dishes including fresh sushi, ceviche, salads, and wraps.

The establishment uses locally sourced seafood and herbs and spices to create an authentic Caribbean culinary experience.