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The new service is aimed at both business and leisure travellers The new service is aimed at both business and leisure travellers

BC Hospitality Group Launches New Limo Service

BC Hospitality Group has reportedly become the first hotel operator in Denmark to offer an in-house limousine service.

The exclusive luxury option is being offered alongside its existing shuttle services.

Welcoming the change to Denmark’s taxi legislation opening the way to the new service, Allan L. Agerholm, CEO, BC Hospitality Group, elaborated, " For many years now, we have operated a popular airport shuttle service to and from our hotels in Ørestad, and in 2017, we added our successful cruise shuttle busses from all three hotels to the cruise terminals in Nordhavn. Now, this year, we are adding the limousine service, which harmonises with our customer service strategy of continuously optimising service and comfort for our guests - and does so with luxurious aplomb."

The limousine service will offer BC Hospitality Group's guests and customers transport to and from the airport, dining in the city, or any other destination.

Service on both short and longer trips will include snacks, champagne, fresh fruit and more from a fast and fresh menu.

Available around the clock, the new service also gives passengers access to concierge services while en route.